Ethical Parenting

Theresa Robb

Theresa Robb

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Tonight we are going to explore the topic of ethical parenting. My dad lectured my siblings and I about always doing the right thing. He would say, "There is the right way and the wrong way, I expect you to always do the right thing. Even when it's the hardest thing to do." Are you raising your kids with the same value system I was raised with? Are you being a good example for your children? Do you feel that the only way your child will have a great future is if you bend the rules a little in your child's direction? To you tell yourself, all the other parents are doing this, why shouldn't my child benefit from what I can do? Do you think that the teachers assign harder more complex projects because they know the parents are doing them for their kids, maybe they want to see exactly how far you will be willing to go.
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