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Dont Tread On Us

Don't Tread On Us


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A forum for Freedom, Liberty, and Constitutional government. Helping to awaken and inform the populace in order to restore the Republic through hard truth.

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The mainstream media is blacking out the Ebola crisis. Obama is pushing for war with Russia along with the military industrial complex. The domestic police state still grows out of control while the people sleep.

There are now reports of patients all over the US being tested for Ebola who are showing symptoms. We wil talk with an expert guest who has studied Ebola at the University level.

The criminal government is shipping Ebola into the U.S. and putting the patients in level 2 facilities not 4.

As the world burns and the Republic dies the sheeple become even more disconnected to reality.

Open border, Ebola?

The news continues to go from bad to worse. Illegals are running wild protesting at the White House and all over America. The power structure is pushing for war with Russia and WWIII!

The Republic is in critical condition! We have to spread the word and shake people out of their comas! All the days news and breakdown of what it all means and where we are going as a whole.

The Texas Nat Gaurd will now help bring illegal aliens into the Republic. Massive News all over the place!

The border is wide open and The Republic is collapsing into a third world nation status. How do we stop the flood of the worlds poor? How do we restore the Republic's border and Constitutional rule of law? Tune in!

On the verge of WW3 with the MSM pushing war We will breakdown the geopolitics of our current situation. On the home front the border is wide open to illegal aliens, criminal cartel gangsters, and islamic extremeists. Meanwhile the... more