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Bro Panic™. will Teach How to talk to spirit.Learn how to Find your own energy source, understanding it, and nurture its growth.This is a area that is important steps on everyone's spiritual path. Channeling evaluates and interacts with the... more

Tonight Dr. Marvin A Ellis will discus “Shut The F&%K Up “ “A guide for Everyday Living “ Sure to Be On The Bestsellers List. Dr.Marvin A Ellis is at the forefront in pointing out important Educational, social, relationship and right knowledge.... more

THE TRYBAL QUEEN OF THE TANTRA PATH....The Forgotten Science of Masculine & Feminine Energy { Tantra } Most people are initially attracted to 'Tantra' because they hear that they can learn to experience exceptional sexual... more

Seba Nu Tehuti Ra will be talking about Ankh Energy Electromagnetism,The Ankh is the most powerful symbol on the planet the greatest myth Europeans claim what it represents is still unknown ancient Africans Egyptians are the... more

UFO Twins ~ Earlene Carr and Shurlene Wallace & Naajiy. They believe that it is time our government exposes the truth about alien abduction and other cover-up’s that exist where this phenomenon is concern. From the Motherland to The... more

Amachi Amaga Apetor Wunana joins us live to talk about Indigenous Knowledge and Development Studies.M.A.M.A. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that offers mediation and support for those who would like to discover and experience real... more

Dr. Blair is a Historian, Engineer, Minister, Educator & world renown Lecturer who has been seeking and disseminating wisdom for over 40 years. Some consider him controversial, While most consider him a beam of light in a vortex of... more

Naj Kamua joins The Remix to talk about A COSMIC STUDY ~ HER SEDUCTION HER MYSTERIES AND HER RESURRECTION, Our position that Black woman is God is comfortably supported with a robust 751 pages, well ova... more
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