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All is fair in Radio! Politics, religion, prejudice, illegal immigration, legal immigration. Don't miss the "You're Not Serious" segment. We will be dealing with some of the most asinine items from the week's news. REAL and RAW!! You don't want to miss this show! Call in during the show toll free 1-855-REAL-JOE. or go to the web at for more information or to chat with us live.

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Xander Gibb, an outspoken LGBTQ/Human Rights activist, joins Joe today to chat about events of the day. All topics are on the table. Tune in! Click here to chat with us during the LIVE show broadcast! Have you had your healthy... more

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Ben Shapiro will be joining Joe today. Topics? Anything goes!! Look out!

Is fracking safe or not? Do you even know what it is? Ann McElhinney in to discuss. Then you get to decide, is this something to be worried about? If so, what are YOU going to do about it??

OPEN MIC, Illegal Immigration Drivers Licenses, GUILT REPUBLICANS. Gender Identity Issues

Lets discuss the Debate! Open MIC, call in! Doug Johnson, Political Pundit, will be on to discuss. Do you have a suggestion? Email me!

Various subjects, multiple viewpoints, all conservatives but with different takes on it. Tune in and join the chatter.

What would happen if the US were to stop its worldwide military presence? Mitch Anderson will join me to discuss how US foreign policy affects the lives of millions of people around the world.

Philip Martin with Compassion 2 One will join Joe on air to discuss this very serious issue and tell us how we can be help prevent it.

My loss, your Gain... OPEN MIC with Andrea Nelson De La Cerda. Then Wayne Jett on talking about the REAL unemployment numbers..

Jim Beach argues that anyone can be an entrepreneur. He'll be in to discuss. So, do you think that's true?

Dr. Miriam Grossman, MD and Arlene Istar Lev, LCSW will join us to discuss the issue of gender identity in children. This issue is REAL. It's showing up in the news pretty much every week, so we HAVE to deal with. Time to get the FACTS!
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