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Legos addictive to kids? Can 4 year-olds decide their gender? & SCOTUS politics

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Hr 1: German Educators say Legos can cause addictions if the kids are allowed to play with them too much. AND... Kimberly Morin says, kids use toys like Legos to be creative. AND... Could Georgia Republicans just get their act together and support ONE candidate instead of handing it to the Liberals? AND... Berkeley rioters call themselves AntiFa for anti-fascism, but really they're anti-First Amendment! AND... University will now provide free feminine hygiene products in men’s restrooms to accommodate the LGBT community.

Hr 2: Just because someone SAYS they're a Christian, doesn't mean they really follow the Bible. AND... Devout Christian mother helps her 4-year-old son transition from male to female. So God made a mistake? Why would God give you all the parts and pieces of a male if you weren't male? How much sense does it make to allow a 4 year-old to make a LIFE-ALTERING decision? AND... Isn't it the Liberals that always tell us we have to use science and we can't use God-logic? Why isn't that the case when it comes to transgender children? AND... According to science, children's brains are not biologically equipped to make lifelong decisions. This is why children don't run the world!

Hr 3: Happily married couple having trouble attempting to have a baby learn that they are fraternal twins separated shortly after birth. AND... SCOTUS justices are not lifetime appointments! Check your Constitution. Our Founding Fathers knew that power would really corrupt people and adding parties to the mix would eventually divide the country. AND... Proof that the Court has been politicized for years comes with all the 5/4 rulings which usually split along Party lines. AND... Pro-life display at Washington State University destroyed TWICE by a student who didn't like the message.

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