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Hillary degrades Secret Service & breaks election law & Michael Moore wisdom?

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Hr 1: Think Hillary is a sweetheart... hear what her Secret Service detail says. AND... Corey Duncan says everything in Baltimore is laying low until after the election. Waiting for the fallout. AND... Media doesn't want a non-establishment candidate. When Trump wins, he'll shine a light on all the rats and roaches. They don't like that! AND... All the women now coming out about Trump being inappropriate. And the latest one, a star, COINCIDENTALLY on the same day as her announcement about Trump, she also released a new "video" and launched her new lingerie line.

Hr 2: Was Michael Moore REALLY saying NeverHillary?? Or was that some sort of reverse psychology? AND... Scott Adams founder of Red State Radio joins Joe to discuss issues of the day. We know less about Barack Obama after 8 years than we know about Donald Trump. Scott thinks Philadelphia is the most important city in this presidential election. Independents are running to Trump in droves. Even union workers are supporting Trump!

Hr 3: Hillary may have violated election law in North Carolina over the weekend interfering with an early election polling place. AND... Haiti hasn't gotten any help from the Clintons. Why doesn't the Left call them out for this? There is a Haitian group who consistently picket the Clinton Foundation to find out what happened to the aid promised to help Haiti. AND... now they're criticizing military Drill Sergeants' for "bullying" new recruits. If they can't handle Basic Training... AND... Women call Donald Trump a bully for bringing out the facts ahead of the debate saying he exhibits classic abusive spouse tendencies. Uh... hello... this isn't an intimate relationship...

Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?