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CPAC2016-Day2! Equality, Faith, Jihad, Constitution, Hollywood, & Millennials

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Hr 1:
Don Watkins, Ayn Rand Institute, author of "Equal is Unfair," different people create different amounts of wealth. So forcing everyone to be "equal" would be unfair to those creating more.
Anika Smith, The Stream, breaking Christians out of their faith silos.
Paul Sutliff, author of "Civilization Jihad," says Islam is a government, not a religion.

Hr 2:
David Shestokas, Author of "Constitutional Sound Bites." Answering questions like, "What can a president legally do with a pen and a phone?"
Radio host Ed Woodson says Trump is an alpha-dog and we're tired of being surrounded by beta-males. The GOP finally got their "big tent" candidate but don't want him because RNC can't control him.
Tom and Deneen Borelli talk the GOP debate. Love Trump, or not, he's done a service to the GOP raising issues that We the People want to discuss but politicians never would.

Hr 3:
Dan Backer with StopHillaryPAC.org says, yes, she can be beaten. Exposing the lies and misconduct of Hillary Clinton.
Dr. Kelli Ward, challenging Arizona Senator John McCain for his Senate seat. No more Democrat-lite, big-spending Republicans.
Amanda Head, THE Hollywood Conservative talks the importance of paying attention to and being involved in politics, millennial involvement, and the Hollywood impact.

American Conservative Union Foundation economists Wendy P Warcholik, Ph.D and J. Scott, M.A. join Joe to discuss the "Family Prosperity Index" report. It measures whats motivating america

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