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Iran defies international law, Surprised? Jobs report is a fake

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Hr1   State of the Union (SOTU)... recapping the lies...

Iran defies international law and maritime law holding US Navy personnel hostage overnight. And the White House administration calls this a "win"?!

Paul E. Vallely, Major General (ret), discusses US sailors detained by Iran, weak White House leadership, the impending recession, and the possibility of the president declaring martial law to remain in office.

We're going to have to work together with the Russians to defeat ISIS.

Hr2   Jobs report... it's not looking good. Stores closing, people out of work... the dominoes start to fall.

From the Kelly File... Liberal talk show host, Tavist Smiley, says Obama missed an opportunity and that black Americans have lost ground and are worse off than before his presidency.

In Britain, 72% of teachers want to monitor kids' lunchboxes. Who's backing this "Eat Like A Champ" effort? Dannon. Don't think it couldn't happen here.

Virgina electronic voting machines susceptible to hacking because of insecure passwords.

Hr3  What would you give for a teacher like this? She's 102 years old!

Sharron Angle raised $25 million to run for U.S. Senate in Nevada. 250,000 people donated! 94% of donations were less than $35! Think you can't make a difference? Think again!

The grassroots is becoming the majority voice in the presidential race. That's how we overturn the establishment.

Nevada has a single subject rule pertaining to writing new bills. It gets rid of pork. Bills have to stand on their own merit.

And a warning about a brokered Republican Convention.

Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?