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A spiritual revolution, a journey to understand the true teachings of Islam. We hope to remove the misconceptions about this religion of Peace that has crept into the social circles of American youth. All listeners are encouraged to speak out about their concerns regarding Islam. Join us as we embark on The Real Revolution! Disclaimer *Note. The views expressed on this show are solely those of the hosts and do not neccessarily reflect the views of any Muslim community.

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Saudi Rape and Sudanese Teddy Bears. Islam in the News and an analysis of Islam in the Media.

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Every year, thousands of Americans in the prison system are turning to Islam to fulfill their spiritual needs. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization is awakening the spirit of hundreds of urban youth in prisons across the country.... more

The concept of Equality in Islam Can Racism be defeated? Does Islam off a viable solution?

Read the title again its not what you think....
Real Rev

A Messiah for the Native Americans??

  • by Real Rev
We are all quite familiar with the three major religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, all of which seem to be waiting for the Great Messiah. The Jews, waiting for the Messiah to come down on his lofty chariot from the sky. The... more

Exploring Native American Beliefs... Did they have any concept of a Messiah? Did they believe in Jesus? The answers may surprise you!

Why should I care about God? Does God even exist? Why is it so important to believe in God in the first place? I'm a good person, why do I need God to tell me what to do?

Islam- the fastest growing religion in the world Who is it attracting? How? and Why? Hear the words of those who found Islam on their own. Listen to their awe-inspiring revolutionary journeys to the religion of peace!

Is this a dilemma for Muslims in America? Patriotic Muslims, An Oxymoron? Muslims in the US Military, defending this great nation!