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The Rabblecast Featuring: Erik Hernandez and Myke Quest An online wrestling talk show running over 5 years. Erik and Myke bring you the latest wrestling news and discuss their experiences being wrestlers on the independent scene. Everything from the locker room to the road.

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To Be Announced... We are, The Rabblecast! Join us LIVE at 8pm(est) to listen in, join our LIVE chat room where you can interact with other listeners, and of course don't forget about the studio number (714)583-6886 if you want to call... more
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WWE's, Wrestlemania 30 is just a few short days away, so it's no surprise that this episode of The Rabblecast is packed with WWE news and speculation. When everything is said and done where will Wrestlemania 30 fall in the annals of... more

Wrestlemania 30 is nearly upon us. In this episode the guys rundown the Wrestlemania card as it currently stands. Find out what matches have been added or changed. More names have been added to the inaugural Andre The Giant... more

It's here! It's finally here, The WWE Network has arrived! But, as with anything brand new, it comes with its own flaws. Technical glitches, log in issues, streams freezing mid viewing, etc. Obvious flaws aside, the WWE Network has a lot of... more

Here comes another mini-episode... kinda. TNA Wrestling recently taped a bunch of episodes while on their overseas tour. Part of what made the first episode so special was the reveal of TNA's new mystery investor. Former WWE Superstar,... more

It is common place to label the day after any wrestling event as the "fallout" of whatever happened the night before(i.e. Wrestlemania Fallout, Summer Slam Fallout...). This might very well be the first, in a long time that the word "fallout"... more

The guys return to the studio! What happened while they were away? Pro Wrestling never stops, especially these days. WWE recently held their Hell In A Cell PPV in which they crowned a few new champions. But was it enough to... more

Weekend warriors, world travelers, journey men... These are just some of the terms used to describe the men and women that make the various sacrifices to entertain us all in the "squared circle". Week in, week out. Month after month... more

Whether it's classic matches, the late 90's boom, or modern day matches all wrestling matches, regardless of company, have big finishing moves for their respective wrestlers. These days it's more a matter of branding. The "Stone... more

The world of professional wrestling has always flirted with "glitz and glamor" of Hollywood. Both portray larger than life characters and strive to tell intriguing stories to capture their audience. One would think that a professional wrestler... more