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The QosmiQ Qauldron bringing you The Goddesses' GalaQtiQ Gumbo is a multichakral stew of grandmother wit, and practical maQic, seasoned with an eclectic blend of ancient and modern science.

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The Everevolving Galactic Goddess Mystery=ALL RELIGION The First Red Moon Fiesta celebrates the menarche rite of passage for young menstruating girls-blossoming young women. The fiesta is designed to reestablish our... more

Discussions on relationships/bonds with mothers and grandmothers. When does the bond beween mothers and children start? Examining the strength of the bonds: "today" vs. "yesterday." Discuss how to make the bond last a lifetime. Do... more

Listen to Black Voices in its entirety And donate for students to receive a copy of this educationally enlightening compilation Our 5/21/2014 No Show Gumbo asks you give in honor of all the women...the mothers &... more

America is the New Rome. We are stuck in a sick cycle that we must break. This gumbo gives you the tools to understand that the current union in America is the same Roman culture of old and how to break this wretched debaucherous... more

This Goddesses' GalaQtiQ Gumbo~ we r serving up Black Voices: From Chains to Change in its entirety!!!!!! Gather with us 4 this historiQal recipe choQQfulll of icons giving us words of wisdom & inspiration~ a la Angela Davis, Afeni... more

Defrosted Gumbo~ This is a previously aired GalaQtiQ Gumbo~~~~ Zahir Qamar, Evolutionist...Qulturist...LeQturer will offer a divine dissertation 4 our gatherers…This gumbo: A Qall 2 The MessianiQ Race: The Rise of The... more

Gather with us 4 this Goddesses' GalaQtiQ Gumbo, promising 2 b smooth…sweet…ethnic…laced with intense ancestral spices & makes you wannah saaaang~~~& dance!!! VoQalistah xxxtraordinaie Miss... more

Qreating Your Soul Vegan Lifestyle!!!!!! With The Supreme Soul Vegan Mistress, Skai Juice!!!!!!!!!! Skai will disQuss her upQoming Video teleclass, Embracing The Soul Vegan in You, Learn How To Create Your Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Gather... more

We are One Year old!!!!!! Selebrate with us as the brothers selestially serenade the sisters withThe QosmiQ Qove Qafe!!!!! The galaQtiQally gifted brethren will offer divinely deelicious Qovvve odes...serve us up a buffet of Qovvve ballads 2... more
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