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Self Published Author Quashon Davis enters the Blog Talk Radio scene with a new and refreshing approach discussing life, relationships, and real life issues brought to you with Q-Man flair!

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We always hear that men are no good and theres no good ones available. Why do you think that is? We're gonna talk about the 'no-good' man tonight

People are wildin at their bachelor/bachelorette party. Why? How far is too far? How far should you go? The boys will tell you.

You consider yourself a good woman, but you cant get a good man. Are you putting out red flags that you dont even know about? Of course you are. We'll tell you what they probably are.

Women cheat more than men, but its not as big a deal. Why not? Why are men the dogs and women the victims? Find out Wednesday

If you had to pick between a great relationship with average sex, or an average relationship with great sex, which would you choose? Can your relationship survive either one of these scenarios?

The boys are back!!! Its right down to business. Why are more and more brothers going over to the light side? Whose fault is it? What are black women doing or not doing? Tune in....its gonna be controversial, and downright ugly!!!

How did we go from the Cosby Show to Meet the Browns? Why the hell is there a Why Did I Get Married 2?!! This ought to be good

Good Hair? Bad Hair? Why are Straighteners/weaves/wigs so prevalent among Black Women? Why won’t black women accept the natural state of their hair? Why won’t black men accept it? Is it a form of self-hate?

Theres a new Phenomenon sweeping the nation. Married couples, boyfriends and girlfriends, having open relationships. Being able to step out on your mate with no consequences. Can it work? The boys will tell you tonight.