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Four humans speak comedically and passionately about everything under the sun and earth

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We will talk this week about conservative arsehole Jeff Lord calling Trump the "MLK of Health Care", we will talk about one man who has a horror story about being on Grindr, the gay hook-up app, and we will talk about the White House... more

We will be discussing Rachel Dolezal who is back in the news saying color is a societal construct, we will chat about the stupid shit people say and repeat, like, "If you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best." We will... more

Tonight's show will broach a plethora of topics. We will discuss a recent opinion about how the GOP's war on the poor is actually just a ploy to get people to return to Christianity. We will discuss that and the faults in the argument. We will... more

Tonight we will remain vigilant in your quest to banter endlessly about nonsense. We will be finishing up our analysis of The People vs. OJ Simpson, a TV show now playing on Netflix. We will Discuss some of the weird news found out in... more

Tonight we'll delve into the OJ Simpson trial and what it meant to all of us, as well as the television show starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. We'll talk about that and the acting and actors as well as the accuracy and why the hell we're watching it... more

We will be talking about the idea that people can protest peacefull and still solve problems with the protest without resorting to any sort of violence. We will discuss violent protests in the past and how they've affected situations. we'll also talk... more

Tonight we will be gabbing and flabbing about the unexpected turn of John Malkovich from actor/director to fashion designer and just what that means for people like us. We'll also have a quick chat about Mariah Carey's New Year's... more

We'll talk tonight about the cheapening of American values and exactly how Donald Trump can pick a guy who disbelieves climate change to head the Environmental Protection Agency. We will talk about the futility of trying to get a... more

On tonight's flaming, scabby abortion of a show, we will be naming each others' genitals and asking to make out with them. After thsat, we'll lick each others' elbows and cry about the things we used to do when we weren't broken old... more

Tonight we will delve into the reasons for hitting or not hitting your children, and how that could affect their future and yours. We will talk of being light-skinned in the white, latino, and black worlds, and what that means and meant for us... more