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Don't miss one of the highest rated spiritual & psychic talk shows on Blogtalkradio as Internationally-known psychic medium, healer and spiritual teacher Christopher Reburn explores a new spiritual, psychic, new age or metaphysical topic each week! Christopher Reburn has an impressive twenty year-plus track record of accuracy. For years, Christopher has helped thousands of people worldwide with his indepth, accurate psychic readings and spiritual guidance. Christopher is on a mission direct from God to help everyone who needs his invaluable psychic insights, powerful healings, his spiritual development courses and making contact with The Other Side. While Christopher maintains a hectic reading and personal appearances schedule, he remains one of the most compassionate and accessible psychics to anyone, anywhere.

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Our favorite bestselling author and spiritual guru is back! Nancy Howry returns to talk about her latest book, The Jesus Flight. Nancy's previous astral projection books have been hugely popular all over the world, including her first-ever release, The Souls of My Feet. The Jesus Flight details her astral journeys with Jesus. Nancy recounts these spiritual journeys in a way that makes the reader feel they are right there with her, enjoying all of the insights and earthly knowledge that Jesus shares with her, including His love for animals and His own very special sense of humor on many universal topics. For more information on The Jesus Flight, please visit Connect with Nancy Howry on Facebook at Visit Christopher's Official Website at Connect on Facebook at
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Why do we go out of our bodies? What do we do? Where do we go when we do go out of our bodies? Christopher will detail how we connect with lost loved ones and pets, our intimate journeys of healing and spiritual acknowledgement and... more

Join Christopher for this romantic themed conversation about how we chart our Life Partner, who are soul mate is and why we meet the people we meet and interact with them in romantic partnerships! This promises to answer all of your... more

Losing a loved one or pet is never easy, but one of God's greatest gifts is the gift of communicating with your lost loved ones after they have reached The Other Side. In this one hour conversation, Christopher will take your calls and answer... more
Christopher Reburn

ATTENTION RADIO SHOW HOSTS & SHOW PRODUCERS -- Want Christopher on your show?

  • by Christopher Reburn
Thank you to everyone who has requested interviews and segments where you've wanted to feature Christopher Reburn on your show. Because Christopher's schedule is hectic with his active reading and touring schedule, he is not able to... more

Listen as Christopher shares ways where you can conduct your very own EVP and make contact with The Other Side, as well as with Ghosts, Angels, Spirit Guides and more. Have you had an experience with an EVP? Be sure to call in... more

Did you take a photo and pick up an orb, an Angel, a Ghost or Spirit, or something else? Send in your photo to Christopher at and he will do on air readings of your photo and determine if it was an angel, a... more

Do you have strange or unusual ghostly or spiritual activity going on in your home and you'd like answers? Christopher will share with you some ways to help ghosts cross over, as well as answer live on air questions about 'who' may be haunting... more

PART 2 of 2! Dont miss the final 'Conversations with Christopher' airing of 2007! Christopher will discuss and help you meet and reach your spiritual goals for 2008 and will help you help other to reach their highest spiritual good!... more

PART 1 of 2. Get your spiritual goals in gear for 2008 as psychic Christopher Reburn helps you prepare for a new year with new lessons and spiritual experences that await you in 2008! This is part one of a two part series. Join... more

*RESCHEDULED FROM 12/1/07* This time of year we always love to give back to our family and friends, and enjoy some of the same treatment in return. Sometimes we do unintentionally forget those who help us out the most -- who... more
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