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Don't miss one of the highest rated spiritual & psychic talk shows when Internationally-known psychic medium, healer and spiritual teacher Christopher Reburn explores a new spiritual, psychic, new age, paranormal or metaphysical topic each week! Christopher Reburn has an impressive twenty year-plus track record of accuracy. For years, Christopher has helped thousands of people worldwide with his intuitive psychic readings and spiritual guidance. Christopher is on a mission direct from God to help everyone who needs his invaluable psychic insights, powerful healings, spiritual teachings and making contact with The Other Side. While Christopher maintains a hectic reading and personal appearances schedule, he remains one of the most compassionate and accessible psychics and spiritual advisors to anyone, anywhere. 'Conversations with Christopher' has a large worldwide audience and is now in it's 8th year.

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Listen as Christopher shares some ways on how you can release past life karma and trauma that was endured in prior lifetimes. Sometimes we carry over some very powerful memories and energies from prior lifetimes, and while it can be helpful, it can also cause blocks and personal delays. Listen as Christopher shares some advice on how to heal and rid any past life karma or trauma that still remains within your Spirit! Get your copy of my new book Holidays at Heaven for $2.99 at Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Consider taking one of Christopher's intensive development courses! Details at Visit Christopher online to book readings, view tour schedule, prayer and healing center, and much more at Become friends on Facebook at
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Christopher invites you to ‘An Evening of Spirit’ -– the evening edition of Conversations with Christopher. Tonight, Christopher welcomes his good friend and paranormal investigator Jenny Stewart to the show. Ms. Stewart founded... more

Did you know that meditation can help fight depression and it can heal you in most aspects of your life that need some fruitful improvement in? Meditation is the key to keeping positive and spiritual in an often unpredictable... more

Sometimes with all of life's constant battles and hectic lifestyles, we forget about ourselves and lose track of what is important. During this show, Christopher will share ways on how you can find out who your true spiritual self is, and ways on... more

Christopher invites you to ‘An Evening of Spirit’ -– the evening addition of 'Conversations with Christopher'. Special Guest Psychic Medium Michael Mapes will be joining tonight's show for a discussion with Christopher on growing up a... more

Why are some people miraculously saved or healed by Angels and Spirit Guides from horrible events and untimely passings and others are not? What is Divine Intervention? Christopher explains it all, plus how you can call on your Angels... more

What happens when we meditate more and keep our spiritual, mind and soul properly cleansed and rid all negative energy and influences around us? That's when the Light really shines through and brings us forward on our incredible... more

Do you have someone in your life who has alot of negative energy? What are dark entities? Is there a devil in charge of them? All these questions and alot more on this show which will explain why we have to often deal with negative... more

What is fate? What is destiny? Are all of our dreams really possible to manifest? Can we change our fate and use free will? All the answers you've been waiting for on these subjects will be answered by Christopher during this show!

Listen as Christopher talks candidly about life on The Other Side. What we do when we go Home, how life really is on The Other Side, our work on The Other Side and much more.

During this show, Christopher spoke about spiritually and psychically gifted children, new souls, baby souls, how we can communicate with our children before they are born, when the Spirit of a baby enters the world and much... more
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