The Prophetic Roundtable

The Prophetic Roundtable


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Prophet Hubbard discusses prophetic events and teaching designed to bring the believer into an independent relationship with Christ.

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Many come into the christian faith under a false assumption that everything happen suddenly Prophet Dedric Hubbard releases a powerful revelation of how to embrace change when you move from sinner to saint. Take note of the... more

Many people sometimes do things as a way to show people how they have achieved and grown in success but often times we hinder the work of God because of our need to established our position. Prophet Hubbard releases a... more

Many hold fast to doctarates in theology and degrees in religion to seem more educated in Christ but Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful on time word designed for those who walk not according to the tradtions of man. But in the... more

Many are struggling to be accepted as they preach the gospel of Christ Prophet Hubbard comes with a powerful revelation of empowerment to allow those who are being rejected to stay the course. And when the time comes God will... more

Prophet Hubbard begins an intense session on how to overcome poverty many are stuck in a position of poverty because they have come to a place that struggling is normal and yet God has so much more in store for them. Please... more

As the learned prophets of God begin to receive heavenly downloads Prophet Hubbard releases an informative, empowering and enlighten word of understanding concerning the month of September. As he prepares the people... more

Many in religious circles practice spiritual parenting as a way of making sure their ministries are in alignment and growing with the grace of God but is this practice biblical. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful and sound revelation concerning... more

The spirit of poverty has taken a stronghold in religion and as a result instead of being seperate from the things of the world the church has embraced the world. Its not until an individual understand that poverty is a passage to prosperity... more

As many transition into ministry many sit back waiting to give birth to ministry but not fully developing the idea they have been called to minister. So they follow will thought plans, patterns, and position while not understanding that timing is... more

Prophet Hubbard releases an awe inspiriing word for those who don't understand the disappoinments of life its at your worst that your faith does it best using the woman with the issue of blood as the foundation of this message. He releases... more