The Prophetic Roundtable

The Prophetic Roundtable


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Prophet Hubbard discusses prophetic events and teaching designed to bring the believer into an independent relationship with Christ.

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Many in religious circles practice spiritual parenting as a way of making sure their ministries are in alignment and growing with the grace of God but is this practice biblical. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful and sound revelation concerning... more

The spirit of poverty has taken a stronghold in religion and as a result instead of being seperate from the things of the world the church has embraced the world. Its not until an individual understand that poverty is a passage to prosperity... more

As many transition into ministry many sit back waiting to give birth to ministry but not fully developing the idea they have been called to minister. So they follow will thought plans, patterns, and position while not understanding that timing is... more

Prophet Hubbard releases an awe inspiriing word for those who don't understand the disappoinments of life its at your worst that your faith does it best using the woman with the issue of blood as the foundation of this message. He releases... more

Many believers sit helplessly in the pews with no authority, no destiny, no understanding cause they have been taught by unlearned leaders and religious zealots as a result many hope to walk in the power of Christ. But never posses... more

Many beleives are praising and worshipping in a defeated position believing in the power and goodness of God but taking on the identity of the world and as a result many believers do not see the error of their ways. Prophet Hubbard releases a... more

Many people wonder aimlessly through life shielding their insecurites and as a result they hold on to empty relationships. jobs, and mindsets never fully becoming the person that God intended for them to be and/or never fully... more

For years the religious teaching has stagnated the church and the cry of most single women and religious ministries is we want a boaz. Teacher Dedric Hubbard known for his deep insight and simple but yet complex teaching releases a... more

Many people are experiencing or about to experience a season in which things they never thought would happen begin to happen and as they try to make sense of this miracles. Many will begin to understand that it will speak to the order... more

Many believers feel inadequate to a point that they dont operate in the fullness of what God has empowered them with and as a result the become stagnate and look for validation from others. Todays teaching is for those who feel they... more