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A Talk show about everything that means absolutely nothing.

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Join the dyessman and dyesswoman as they take you on their latest journey of “what the heck just happened?” Special in studio guest Irene Sauger “The Vacation GURU” as she explains how to meet your travel needs. Show topics... more

The Dyessman and Dyesswoman are back for another 45 minutes of pure… I don’t know what. Join them as they embark on their 2nd recorded show of 2010. The X – Project will feature special guest, long time friend of the show... more

This X-Project was never released due to time constraints. It was recorded on June 19, 2009 and it has Josh Moore as a guest as well as Barie and Gaby Poore. I call it the Lost X-Project because I forgot about it till recently. This show... more

The Dyessman and Dyesswoman host the first X - Project of 2010. Special guest on the show "The Sons of Thunder" Roc, and Santiago talk about their latest CD and the 2010 direction that the rap stars are taking. Dyessman... more
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