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A Rocky Start to Trump's Term One: Dissecting the Damage

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The Progressive Patriot

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ALL THE CONTROVERSIES surrounding the Trump administration, including the fake news surrounding General Flynn's "Russia Connection" (hint, there's only a rumor, no leaked audio but that doesn't stop WaPo and NYT from running with an unsubstantiated, evidence-free claim; even the Intercept's Glenn Greenwald has jumped on the bandwagon). Is there a Deep State coup underway? Or is it really just the shallow state hiding behind a thin mainstream media veneer? As far as Wikileaks, when do we get proof of life from Julian Assange? We'll also chat briefly about Seth Rich and his murder this past summer, and Assange's hesitation to confirm that Seth was the leaker of the DNC emails, even though Julian nodded in an interview when asked if Seth was the whistleblower. We'll also discuss Trump's CIA Deputy Director appointment that Amnesty International, the ACLU and others freaked out about. Can we expect a sea change from the CIA now that "the girls" are in charge or basically business as usual? (Pompeo is only a figurehead, not an insider.) If Human Rights First is so appalled by Trump's Deputy Director pick, why aren't they demanding charges be brought against John Yoo who wrote the White House OLC memos stating that enhanced interrogation methods were legal? And let's talk about torture - will Trump bring it back? Does it work? What does the science say? Let's talk Snowden: traitor or patriot? Or neither? Chelsea Manning will be freed later this year after Obama granted her some clemency. Let's compare her actions to Snowden's and see what we find. What will Trump do: will he try to get Snowden back to the US through a diplomatic deal with Putin? We'll also discuss the temporary immigration ban/executive order that Trump signed and my brief discussion with a random immigration lawyer I happened to fall into conversation with on the Green Line the day the 9th Circuit ruling came down.