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Internet personality @Sarah__Reynolds hosts a late night conversation on issues of the day. Formerly a die hard Bernie fan. Now aboard the Trump Train. Talking Deep State, Wikileaks, corruption, and politics. Call 1 (929) 477-3316 and make your voice heard. https://www.patreon.com/theprogressivepatriot

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BUT HER DELETED EMAILS! Your favorite progressive patriot interviews author, columnist and journalist H.A. GOODMAN on the endless Clinton Corruption, Collusion and Chaos. His latest ebook "But Her Deleted Emails" is available now on Amazon. We'll talk about Hillary, Bernie, and Trump: I'll ask him why he thinks Trump is less hawkish than Hillary and what he thinks will happen with Afghanistan (should we make it the 51st state and just legalize opium and opium dens as I have modestly proposed on periscope?) and if holding hands over a glowing orb in Saudi Arabia bodes well for Trump's foreign policy and the people of the US. And of course, we couldn't have an episode with H.A. without talking about the Awan Bros, Seth Rich, the DNC fraud lawsuit and more. Remember, H.A. predicted that Hillary was an unwinnable candidate in 2015! We'll see what other predictions he has and see if Sarah agrees. Follow H.A. Goodman on twitter here. Follow Sarah on twitter here. Buy "But Her Deleted Emails" on Amazon here. CALL IN DURING THE LIVE BROADCAST and make your voice heard!! Dial 1 (929) 477-3316 and share your thoughts!
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The DNC's motion to have the rigged primaries/fraud lawsuit dismissed was upheld by Judge Zloch on Friday, August 25, 2017. If you were you a Bernie supporter in 2015 or 2016, you remember that Wikileaks released documents... more

General Ball-free McMaster, New Right vs Alt Right, Antifa & Freedom of Assembly! Call 1 (929) 477-3316 and make your voice heard! What a summer it's been. We'll discuss the events of the past two week, including the tragic... more

Cassandra Fairbanks of Big League Politics joins your favorite progressive patriot to talk Sy Hersh, Seth Rich, Dr Kelli Ward and more tonight at 10 pm central time. From Big League Politics: Seymour Hersh confirms that Seth Rich... more

Is Trump draining the swamp or what? Why Did Sy Hersh say on recorded audio that he had an inside source at the FBI who read him the Seth Rich homicide report, and then deny it in emails to Ed Butowski? Call in and share your... more

Is Mad Dog Mattis Deep State or a Good Guy? Word choice, speech patterns and body language reveal all! We'll analyze the recent interview he did with a high school student after the Washington Post revealed General Mattis' direct line... more

Call 1 (929) 477-3316 to chat live with your favorite progressive patriot! We're talking Corrupt Deep State McCabe and the Circa expose revealing his retaliation against SSA Robyn Gritz and General Flynn, POTUS Trump's Tweets on Mika... more

Progressive Patriot Radio Week in Review: Sarah talks Paris Agreement withdrawl, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, NYT on raising feminist boys, Judicial Watch's Hillary Lawsuit & More. Your favorite Progressive Patriot breaks down the... more

When @KimDotCom dropped a major bombshell on twitter this week declaring that he is willing to testify before Congress that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails which were leaked to Wikileaks in 2016, the internet went wild.... more

Is the swamp drainable? Is everyone and their mom under investigation in DC? Let's talk Comey Fallout, Net Neutrality, why I love youtuber Storm Clouds Gathering but disagree with his take on "The Real Reason Trump Fired Comey,"... more

Let's talk Trump firing Comey and KISSINGER, WHAT?! What is that guy doing back in the White House? Where does the Deep State fit into all this??