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Blogger and twitter activist @Sarah__Reynolds hosts a late night conversation on issues of the day. Formerly a die hard Bernie fan. Now aboard the Trump Train. New episodes start in 2017.

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Milo lost his book deal and resigned from Breitbart this week: we'll discuss his incendiary comments about the age of consent, the abuse he suffered from a priest in the past, and how his victimization mirrors almost exactly a story told by George Takei where George was abused by someone in a position of authority at the same age. Milo's comments about the "oppresive and arbitrary nature of consent" were spoken by a victim in true denial of the cruel nature of the abuse he suffered; we'll look at both sides of this issue rather than seeing Milo as all good or all bad. There is nothing arbitrary or oppressive about consent so we'll analyze these and other remarks by Milo, their implications and whether or not he was unfairly expelled from CPAC. MSM continues to report news based on unsubstantiated claims. They're "leaks" only if they're true. Anonymous and evidence-free rumors are gossip, not leaks. Do they amount to an attempted shadow coup against the Trump administration? What about the mysterious "7th Floor Group" referenced in recently declassified FBI documents? This group located in the State Dept and the documents say that they are also referred to as "the shadow government." We'll delve more deeply into the idea that there could be an organization attempting to undermine Trump, and whether or not it would matter if more than 37% of American's bothered to show up and vote during mid-term elections. Our vote is our voice in our constitutional republic, and 330 million votes matter far more than a few manipulative bureaucrats at the state department. Finally, we'll discuss Pizzagate & the DHS spot asking us if we're missing the signs & to take a second look. Support Your Favorite Progressive Patriot on Patroeon! https://www.patreon.com/theprogressivepatriot
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ALL THE CONTROVERSIES surrounding the Trump administration, including the fake news surrounding General Flynn's "Russia Connection" (hint, there's only a rumor, no leaked audio but that doesn't stop WaPo and NYT from running with... more