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The Process319 Unleashed

The Process319 Unleashed with DawnMarie


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Welcome to The Process319 the purpose of the show is to encourage believers and those searching to develop an intimate relationship with God,, and experience the love of Jesus Christ through the work of the cross. The goal is to minister a clear understandable, word, and provide practical applications and examples to assist people on their journey to the High Places in God. It is not about religion or denomination, but a relationship that seeks to know the heart and mind of God through study of God's Word, prayer, praise and worship. I hope you will join me as we begin our journey to the high places in God. The Process319 Unleashed a talk show (Tuesday's) that discusses political topics, social and world issues and more from a spiritual perspective to a natural realm.

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We are consistently bombarded with information, and thoughts from our past. Too often these thoughts or mindsets control our actions and emotions in ways we do not realize. Many are successful, yet feel unfulfilled. This week we will... more

Join me as we continue our discussion on how to live a stress free life. Though we live in a world fllled with stress there is a way we can rise above it and not allow it to get to control our lives.

We are all on the go these days. Society, media, and people pull on our lives and out time each day. The question is, "is it all necessary, and where are we placing our trust and priorities. This week we will look at those things that steal... more

As week celebrate the season of Lent and Holy Week, this is one holiday that we get to keep with us everyday. Daily we can experience the renewal that this Easter brings to our life. We just need to make a decision to receive not only... more

There is an unspoken expectation that if someone loves us they will treat those they love a certain way, or agree with them. God is so very different; he loves us knowing that we as humans will reject Him. God is the epitome of what love... more

Surrender is not a word we like to hear associated with our life, but we often sing the song during worship I Surrender All to Jesus all to Him I freely give. Yet what does that look like in our daily lives as we seek to live a life... more

With so much unrest in our society, it is a good time to discuss what matters most. As Christians or believers in Christ I want to encourage you to keep your eye on what matters most; the heart and mind of God. We as a people are... more

This week we continue our discussion on being distracted by the pain that our life. Last week we learned how to worship God through our pain, but what about the cycle of emotions that can become dibilitating. The enemy uses guilt, anger,... more

Do you find yourself so engulfed in the pain of your life or situation? Do you struggle to worship God?. Life is not always forgiving, and circumstances occur that cause us to take our focus off God, We become so consumed with our... more

Life is never as it appears, and as we approach the end of 2016 and enter 2017 we all want to make sure that it is a success. Unfortunately, we all begin with great intentions, and find ourselves wondering what happened just about... more