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The Greatest Threat to Liberty

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The Prime Directive

The Prime Directive


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Steven Hayes, a national spokesperson for the Fair Tax, is back once again as our featured guest.
The IRS has been in the news a lot lately--and not for anything good. It has been used to attack and punish enemies of the state, meaning anyone opposed to the policies of the current White House Occupier and his behind-the-scenes cronies. The IRS is snooping into all kinds of private and personal information. It is dictating how people must practice their religion. It is abridging freedom of speech and determining which political viewpoints are allowed, and which political groups are legitimate nonprofit organizations based solely on their politics. It is even targeting individuals for audit and harrassment based on...you guessed it...their political activity.
This is not some sort of anomaly. From its inception, the IRS has been an attack dog for the politicians in power as a means to threaten opposition and hold on to that power. What is new is the pervasiveness of this activity. The corruption has reached a new crescendo that will only get worse when the IRS assumes control over everyone's medical records under "Obamacare." The IRS is, justifiably, the most feared and reviled government agency.
There is only one solution: The IRS must be abolished. There is only one way to bring that about: The Fair Tax must be implemented and the 16th Amendment repealed. A so called "flat tax" is just a distraction. Taxable income must still be determined before a flat tax rate can be applied. That still leaves the IRS.
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