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Tom Linden on The UK Prepper with guest Paul Gledhill

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So you think being a prepper is buying an extra tin of beans each week. And you know, actually it is doing just that buying in extra provisions, food, water etc.


But prepping can be much more, so much more. Preppers often improve their skill sets by taking night courses on wood working, practical mechanics, first-aid and many other practicable post SHTF skills.


However I believe that we would be foolish in the extreme to discount the effects of EMP, whether from a natural source, a CME or a man made source an NEMP.


But prepper or not when such an event happens as I believe it must, then most comms will be down.


Without communications modern man will be literally on his own. This will mean loss of contact with relatives, friends, work mates and others in the same position, simply put you will not even know what is going on down the road from you let alone on a wider scale.


My guest this week is Paul Gledhill a local radio presenter, HAM radio operator since the age of 16 and an ex RAF telecommunications Technical and a bushcrafter and prepper so what I call an all rounder.

Paul's book “Prepcomms UK” is a Practicable Guide to Radio Communications for the Bushcrafter, Prepper and wild Camping Community.

He also practices what he preaches having completed a road trip across America last year. He like all bushcrafters, preppers and wild campers simply love to get out under the stars and gaze into natures TV a warm glowing fire.

The one thing that makes Paul what he is, is his HAM radio license as it literally opened up the world of communications to him, giving him hours of fun on the airwaves and allowing him to obtain help and assistant if needed for himself and others.

So why not join me a I interview Paul and learn from his many years of experience.
Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail