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New prepper overload on Surviving Dystopia 12.5.17

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It happens…….

Awakened from their slumber your family hears sirens. Little Suzie emerges from her room carrying her Blankie, crying for her mommy, a loud siren races by.

Precocious twelve-year-old Joey is already going for the remote to check the news, while fifteen-year-old Mary staggers into the picture complaining her phone has no service.

Joey yells out, “Power’s out.” Scrambling in the dark you’re cursing “I can’t find my pants” and realizing the only flashlight the family owns is in the car. Haphazardly dressed, stumbling out to see the confusion on the family’s faces. Sarah says “John, what’s going on?”. Looking at her you see fear in her eyes and replying “I don’t know”.

You head for the door you say “Everyone stay inside I’m going out to have a look around.” Turning and looking up you see in the distance the city burning. Numb from this you almost don’t hear that prepper neighbor of yours who’s radio tower blocks your view.

He shakes you, “John, did you hear me? we’ve been attacked”. Racing in to your family you realize, this will change things. You have little food, and the damn flashlight broke last week when you got that flat tire.

You wake up, sweat soaking the bed in a panic and realize it was just a dream.

Welcome to the world of prepping. You’ve decided you Need to take steps to get prepared, but what do you do? Many will say, “just start stocking food and water”. And Yes, by all means do so, but it all gets so overwhelming. how much, what else do you need? what about heat, protection, cooking, are we safe here?

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