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Region 10 Report 26 Feb 2013

  • Broadcast in Education
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In today’s show, Susanne Posel welcomes the ever amazing Max Igan to his first appearance on our show. Max Igan is a well-travelled and world famous social icon for truth, spirituality, and modern logic.

Susanne Posel and Max Igan hold a very natural conversation that covers a wide range of topics beginning with looking up to yourself and becoming leaders rather than followers. The term ‘Sheeple’ is widely used in the alternative media, yet serves to push down people’s true nature and programming them at a subtle level to be subservient and closed minded.

Max points out that the real focus of his work, and what others should understand is that is less about your face or your name and more about the message and waking up to the reality that is all around us. He continues on the subject and points out that if you’re concerned about who he is, then you are not listening to the message. “If we actually knew who we were and what our relationship to what reality actually is, we could change the world in three seconds.”
Later in the show, Max Igan puts forward some great words relating to the widespread control system that is set up with social classism, marketing and the financial distraction that is pumped into the mainstream and alternative media all over the world. Max Igan explains how money separates us from reality, and separates us from our birthright, which is to live here in a state of abundance, that it puts a barrier between us and that which exists naturally.

Toward the end of the show, Susanne Posel gets into the nature of reality; energy, vibration and consciousness. Max Igan covers a very detailed explanation of the nature of reality as he sees it, what role things such as consciousness, energy, focus and perception play in what types of reality we each experience on a personal level.