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HD: Homestead Dividends 31 Dec 2012

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Conspiracy Theories for 2013

Some aren’t conspiracies.

Some aren’t theories.

So we made it through the Mayan 2012 apocalypse.  Good.  I wasn’t worried in the first place.  But if you are a conspiracy theorist and need a good story line to follow, I have a few to follow.  Some are really conspiracy theories, some are just some buzz topics worthy of keeping an eye on in the new year.

One positive about the Mayan Doomsday Not happening–we’re alive; another: that nut didn’t jump off of that mountain in Arizona.

Obama wants unlimited powers to raise the debt ceiling–yes, this is a real proposal by the White House.  Yes, this is a bad idea.  So if we’re raising taxes, why in the HECK do we need to raise the debt ceiling?  Because, silly, THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO INTENTIONS OF FIXING THE DEFICIT AND SPENDING LESS.  Taxes will increase so we CAN SPEND MORE! Watch this if you still think our government is full of good guys who want to fix the country. You’ll learn that our government is no longer capable of doing what is right.

The government has an internet kill switch–yes, there is an internet kill switch.  The US government wants to make it official with pending legislation and in some aspects, after the communications act of 1934–it already does.  I will tell you this:  When the government realizes it can no longer allow for the free speech of the internet to continue, it WILL happen.  Maybe a week from now, maybe 150 years, but whenever it happens, the plug will have been pulled on the US republic’s life support system.  When they take our freedom away and they destroy the alternative media…America will no longer be America.