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HD: Homestead Dividends 3 Dec12

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Today we discuss finishing off 2012 with an improved interest and focus on prepping/homesteading/D-I-Y.

  • Are you getting out of debt?
  • Is your house in better shape?
  • Are you in better shape physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually?
  • What have you planted in terms of permafood?
  • What will your garden look like next year?
  • Have you STOPPED caring about the Joneses, or are you still competing with strangers in a foolish status symbol crusade?
  • Have you de-emphasized sports, entertainment, and other trivial interests and gotten back to the basics of focusing on your family, friends and, for some, your faith?
  • Is your bugout bag(s) ready to go?
  • Do you have at least a month’s supply of food, water and money?
  • Are your cars paid for?
  • Have you stopped worrying about the stupid news and the elections and started focusing on things you can actually change?
  • Whether you like it or not, the world goes on.  You still have your life, job, and/or situation(s) you had before…but only YOU can make them better (except for my spiritual reliance…but I’ll keep this discussion secular)
  • What if I told you 2013 could be the BEST year you’ve ever lived on this earth and the only thing standing in your way from attaining it is you?
  • How are you stocked on self-defense items?  Do you have a baseball bat under the bed (at the least) for a prowler?
  • Attempted abduction at my middle school 2 miles from my home two days ago…
  • Never leave from your weekly grocery shopping spree without at least ONE prepper item…even if it’s a can of beans or a pocket knife from the dollar store/pound shop.