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The Robert Scott Bell Show #22

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The Robert Scott Bell Show #22

Mon-Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm Central 4:30pm to 6:30pm EST

Avian Flu Operant Conditioning (Fear Mongering), Liam Scheff, Junk Food Tax, Future Healing, Bill “Vegan” Clinton and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 31, 2011


The UN warns of a new “mutant variant unpredictable risky deadly” strain of the avian influenza virus! How many scary words can they put into one sentence to elicit a conditioned fearful response in the unconscious medical patient population? Operant conditioning is not something that slips by the RSB Show! 

RSB and conspiracy realist, Liam Scheff, crack all the plots open – from the ‘new’ (recycled) bird flu “holiday,” (hey, if it happens every year, let’s bring out the party hats!) to the Steven Soderbergh “be afraid! Be distracted!” movie “Contagion,” to questions about Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), to the “junk food tax” (though not the withdrawal of subsidies for garbage GMO food), to newly ‘vegan-ed’ Bill Clinton, and local organic producers being gobbled up, then punched down by global food corps, to ‘progressives’ attacking Ron Paul – no stone is unturned, no plot goes unpunished this hour! Tune in… 

The Hollywood propaganda film for this manufactured flu shot season – will it glorify the military/medical industrial complex? Hmmm. You don’t expect them to end the pandemic with an herb do you? 

Funny, but Steven Seagal did end a major bioterror threat in his film, The Patriot, with a Native American flower essence. 

How to NOT get the flu this fall and winter season? RSB reveals some very important strategies!

Is a junk food tax really the solution to making organic, whole foods more affordable?