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YoAndrew News Talk Show (8:00pm ET) | 04 - 23 - 13 |

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YoAndrew News Talk Show

32nd show since being in the YNTS studio

YoAndrew News Talk Show


Today we will discuss and speak with:

8:10pm ET: The viral video on YouTube shows Ryan Locte in an interview on Fox 25 about his new reality show. Should the anchors be fired? 

8:35pm ET: The cyber-security legislation "CISPA" has passed on April 18th through the House. We discuss with Keenan Steiner at Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group about the latest on the legislation and how lobbyists supporting this bill has taken over the conversation.

---Wrote the article "Pro-CISPA forces spend 140 times more lobbying than opponents"

9:05pm ET: We see music artists on YouTube for years now. Is she next? We speak with musician Monica Gartner, about her musical career on YouTube and other social networks. 

9:35pm ET: It is now a week later since the Boston Marathon Bombing happened; we go into the aftermath of the incindent. What information we know now and how will the United States go about this? 

9:52pm ET: (Sound Clip of Wisdom) - Mr. Rogers - "How to tell your child"

SCOW Message: If an attack exists in our area, this is a tip how to tell your children. 









Ryan Lochte
Boston Marathon Bombing