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Reuters/file 2013President Obama calls on Republicans for ?just a little compromise? to avoid federal spending cuts scheduled to begin Friday. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — President Barack Obama and... more

Just 8 days after performing at President Barack Obama's inaugural parade, honor student Hadiya Pendleton, 15, was shot and killed in Chicago when a gunman opened fire on her and a group of friends just blocks from her school.... more

A hard-fought bipartisan compromise passed in the Senate early Tuesday to spare all but the richest Americans from painful income-tax hikes teetered on the edge of collapse as angry House Republicans denounced its lack of spending... more

House Republicans passed John Boehner's DOA Plan B 215-209-1, but what is important is how Republicans tried to fool America into cutting taxes for millionaires by throwing 300,000 kids off food stamps

The talk of new gun control measures that has followed Friday's mass shooting in a Newtown, Conn., elementary school has gun buyers rushing to the nearest store and picking up new weapons, according to gun store owners and state police... more

Two people were killed and at least 16 more were wounded in weekend violence across the city, including an Englewood neighborhood man shot to death at 11:15 a.m. Saturday by police who thought he was armed with a gun. Angry... more

Evil visited this community today," Gov. Dan Malloy said at a news conference this evening. First grade teacher Kaitlin Roig, 29, locked her 14 students in a class bathroom and listened to "tons of shooting" until police came to help.... more

House Republicans are privately contemplating a quiet surrender in the fight over Bush tax rates for top earners, and a quick pivot to a new fight over raising the debt limit, in which they'd demand steep cuts to programs like Medicare and... more

President Barack Obama is ramping up efforts to win over Americans—and pressure Congress—on the looming "fiscal cliff," with events at the White House and on the road to argue for the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts chiefly... more

Obamas Reelection Layoffs: Papa Johns, Applebees and the Companies Where Obama Reelection Will Get You Fired JOHN BOEHER 202-225-6205 WHITE HOUSE 202-456-1111.MITCH MCCONNELL 202-224-2541.ERIC CANTOR... more
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