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Jason Easley and Sarah Jones

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A weekly odyssey through the political news and current events that shape our world. The show features news, interviews, and political commentary for people who are tired of the mainstream media spin.

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Why is it that supposedly small government conservatives are always trying to make government bigger to take away our rights? As the economy improves, Republicans are now trying to ban both birth control and adult entertainment.

The Republicans hatred for and of Barack Obama first morphed into a hatred of America, and now Clint Eastwood has been sucked into their black hole of contempt for the Red, White, and Blue. The question is why do Republicans... more

On tonight's edition of Politicus Radio, we call on the American people to stand up, speak out, and tell Mitt Romney that if he doesn't care about the very poor, we don't care about him.

Coming off of his successful State Of The Union address, President Obama continues to build momentum towards winning a second term. Meanwhile in Florida, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney continue to bludgeon each other into... more

On tonight's edition of Politicus Radio, we discuss the possible impact that the Internet's black out protest against SOPA will have. Can the Internet change the course of politics? Tune in at 8 PM ET to join the discussion.

Republicans are always claiming that we need voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud, but as cases in Wisconsin and Indiana show, Republicans are the people committing voter fraud.

Mitt Romney promised victory in Iowa, but he only managed to defeat Rick Santorum by eight votes. What does this mean for Mitt Romney, and can Democrats contain their joy as they watch the only Republican who could... more

As we close out 2011, Politicus Radio reflects on the most under reported development of the year. The 99% have risen up and fought back against the criminals who destroyed our economy, the politicians who are owned by... more

Tonight on Politicus Radio, Sarah George, and Jason will be discussing the Republican Party's Christmas gift of a tax increase for 160 million Americans. Have the House Republicans just handed President Obama the 2012? Has the... more

Numerous times since President Obama has taken office; the mainstream media has left him for dead. The narrative has continually centered on how Obama is destined to be a one term president, but a funny thing happened on the way to... more