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Jason Easley and Sarah Jones

Politicus Radio


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A weekly odyssey through the political news and current events that shape our world. The show features news, interviews, and political commentary for people who are tired of the mainstream media spin.

On-Demand Episodes

On this episode of Politicus Radio, Democrats are pushing back against the disrespect being shown to the President Of The United States.

Tired of media babbling? Jason and Sarah bring you Election Night PoliticusUSA style.

Jason and Sarah are back and taking on Mitch McConnell's voter intimidation tactics in Kentucky.

The Republican obstruction of the Paycheck Fairness Act for the third time highlights why every American must stand their ground and never give up the fight.

While Republicans are terrified of Hillary Clinton, their policies have morphed into a basic hatred of women. We have seen the right wing hatred of minorities on display during the Obama presidency, but this combined with a hatred of women... more

MSNBC is in really bad shape. Primetime ratings are down 24%. Even worse, the network lost money in 2013. While CNN's revenue grew by 2%, and Fox News grew by 5%, MSNBC dropped by 2%. The lean forward network's decline can... more

The Supreme Court took the next logical step after their Citizens United ruling today by removing all legal limits on individual campaign contributions, but here is why the American people must not allow the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, and... more

Republicans have responded to the great success of the ACA by completely going out of their minds. Conservatives are trying to discourage people from signing up, and they are even inventing their own data so that they can argue that more... more

It is an election year, which means that Republicans and the emo-prog left have returned to attempt to depress Democratic voter turnout by claiming that Democrats and Republicans are the same. Today, we put a stake through the... more