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Known as the Oprah of Internet, LISTEN to the Philippe Matthews Show exclusively on BlogTalk Radio and WATCH the Philippe Matthews Show exclusively on YouTube! The PM Show features bestselling authors, world class experts in personal, spiritual and professional development such as Robert T. Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Dr. John F. Demartini, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen, Zig Ziglar and countless more! Watch the Philippe Matthews Show and watch your life grow!

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Thousands of women suffer from domestic violence in silence. For a time Genna Sapa Ruffin was one of them until she chose to bring her twisted and painful journey to the forefront to find healing and to help abused women who were like... more

It all began with the passion to save the planet and heal humanity from self-destruction. It has now turned into a global initiative, travelling all the way from Australia to San Diego, LA, Phoenix and Montreal – a movement... more

Lizzie Velasquez is no stranger to almost all types of bullying. In fact, just a few years ago, insensitive idiots on the internet dubbed her as the ugliest woman in the world. Yet the 23-year-old woman from Texas remains undaunted.... more

At first glance, Christina and Anthony Murray may look like your average contemporary couple. Every day they report to work, take care of their two daughters Jade and Jesna, and even run their own businesses. At night, they... more

Gail Thackray often describes her growing-up years as normal. Born in Yorkshire, England, she grew up surrounded with a lot of animals. She also enjoyed being with friends, organizing small parties for them. One of her favorite activities was... more

The entertainment industry is a dog-eat-dog world. It takes a lot of guts, faith, as well as passion to succeed and to truly make it for the long haul. Mica Parris knows all these and taking all chances and lessons to heart.

Here's the thing about comedy these days: for many, it's not comedy if it doesn't sound offensive, racist, vile, or crass. In other words, a lot of comedians unfortunately take advantage of other people's weaknesses and miseries as... more

For the past years, the reality shows conquered the boob tube, even throwing out some of the sappy soap operas into the dust bin of oblivion. After all, nothing sounds more appealing, entertaining, and downright interesting than a bunch of... more

A lot of adult men and women can't still figure out what to do or where to go despite their age. Wisdom and life experiences seem to be pretty elusive; if not, they're too scared to take the leap of faith. Jara Everett is of a completely... more

Who says only women struggle to find the right size? Perhaps those who think so have never met a plus-size man. Plus-size guys have not only a large built but also a tall height, which is a double whammy in the fashion world because... more
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