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Known as the Oprah of Internet, LISTEN to the Philippe Matthews Show exclusively on BlogTalk Radio and WATCH the Philippe Matthews Show exclusively on YouTube! The PM Show features bestselling authors, world class experts in personal, spiritual and professional development such as Robert T. Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Dr. John F. Demartini, Marianne Williamson, Stedman Graham, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen, Zig Ziglar and countless more! Watch the Philippe Matthews Show and watch your life grow!

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Not everything starts beautifully, but you can alter your life and turn it around for the best. This is a brief overview of the life of Lisa Nichols. She is an example of someone who has transformed their life from barely making ends meet into a... more

?Art contains the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul. Its high frequencies are Invisible codes of communication between our Souls and the truth of the Universe. They help is reconnect to the Eternal being within... more

A writer, lecturer and the leader of countless of study groups primarily geared to introducing seekers to the wonders of meditation and philosophy, John Adago is one of the few storytellers with rich accounts of spiritual experiences and... more

They say that the world of motorcycle competitions is a man's world; however Nadine Lajoie is the perfect testament to how that kind of thinking can be proven false. She has earned more than 50 podium placements as a racer in a... more

Success stories don't always start on the right page. And none more so than the story of how Mark Bowness picked himself up and transformed into what he is today. At the age of 26, Mark's married life came to a shocking close, and it... more

Everyone has high hopes of becoming someone important, famous, celebrated and admired. Realizing those hopes and dreams, however, isn't as simple and quick as it seems. With a lot of challenges and risks along the way, there's... more

Dr. Meuth was born and raised in Germany and has a Master's Degree in Music and a Doctorate in Education. She is trained as an ontological coach and employs the principles of the ?Philosophy of Language?. She has been practicing in... more

What is unresolved grief? It is a term used to describe a kind of grief that lasts longer than usual for a person's social circle or cultural background. It is also known as prolonged or chronic grief. So is healing unresolved grief... more

Who is Rivvy Neshama? At twenty-two years old, Rivvy Neshama's mother gave her a book of handwritten recipes that taught her how to make a good roast and not much else. Not advice on how to establish a good marriage or even a... more

Higher Brain Living The concept of higher brain living is actually nothing new. In fact, you're using it. However, unlike the lower brain, we make use of only 5 percent of it—which means we're not reaching our maximum potential.... more
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