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Join Will Wavvy, Rick Harris, and Teneice Bowie for frank, witty, and honest dialogue on what men think, what women want, and everything else in between. Listen, call-in, chat and post your life and relationship questions.

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Pu**y. The lengths that men will go to get some make it one of (if not the most) the most valuable substance on earth. As the song goes... The power of the p.u.*.*.y. That's why every muthaf****r in the world dress fly... Every baller that... more

In this day and age of online dating, a black president, and all of the other strides we have made into becoming an integrated society, is there still a major stigma attached to having "jungle fever"? Does dating outside of your race reflect... more

You are familiar with our, Ask the Fellas, episodes when we answer your random questions about dating and relationships. In this episode, we're flipping the script and ASKING THE LADIES, to answer the fellas random questions.

No scripts, special guests, or pre-determined topic. This is your chance to decide what the show will be about with our, "Ask the Fellas" episode. We are going to answer your random questions about life and relationships; as well as, give your... more

Love is the most often used word in eternity. You hear about love spoken of countless times to describe many different things. However, despite its popularity, love, is one of the least understood words in existence. There are many... more

Ahhh the dreaded friend zone... defined by urban dictionary as "what you attain after you fail to impress a woman you're attracted to." Men and women alike loathe being placed into the friend zone, and look at it as being "good, but not... more

You've heard of the "Bachelor/Bachelorette" auctions for charity where you bid to have a first date with an ideal catch. You know it's for charity, and it's all in fun, but could that work in real life? Could you eliminate a lot of the hassle when it... more

In most relationships, at some point you reach a crossroad - do you decide to stay in the relationship or do you move on. In this episode we're going to discuss tsome of the decisions that need to be made when you are in a transition... more

We have all heard that men and women speak a different "language," and at times it can make communication challenging. What a man means can be completely different than what he says and in this episode we're going to help... more

It has been said that dating is a numbers game... How many children do you have? Relationships should be 50/50. The 90 day rule. What is your height? Salary? Credit score? "Size"? What is the ration of women-to-men The list of... more
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