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The Return of BrotherX and The Peoples Nation


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" Ouch " The truth really hurts, and the real truth is something that Blacks do not want to hear or face. We will soon have a Black man as the President of the United States. Which is something that we have fought for over 400 years, and this is the time for us to change our funky attitudes so that we can move forward. Wake up all you mighty House, Field, and Sellout Negros. Stop hating and start helping. I am Back, Still Black, and I have tighten up my act.

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Tonight will be the first of four special music series. Back in the Old School Days songs had a meaning to them, and most was talking about love, get up and boogie, or loving your man or woman. So tonight we are going to bring them... more

Since you seem to think that you know the game of Politrixs..Come Play With Me. You come on here like you are the Larry King of Blogtalk(Which you will never be), and faking the funk. Lets get down with facts to how to help or save... more

Don't come on to Blogtalk just pointing fingers at Blacks (your race), but talk about the roots of the problem, and then come up with a solution. Yo can no longer talk about bedroom sex, due to the fact that there's a price to pay, and we should... more

This is a giant step towards changing how we utilize our thinking. There is a bunch of things changing around us everyday, and its time that we take notice. Which means that we should stop taking things for granted. This is the message... more

I had to take time out to regroup from dealing with this online non-sense. However, Regardless to any racial situation online. We must deal with the matters. Especially when we are the ones who have caused the problems, and... more

The Unity Commission Forum was created by a homeless person's thought. Who have been living in the streets of Detroit off & on for the past 45 years, and regardless to his struggle his desire is to see Black people come together in... more

" The Old School Music Room " Presents BrotherX Earthday, and 40th year celebration of fighting in the Struggle. Tune in to hear BrotherX talk about his days here on earth, and his many days fighting the struggle for our Black to live in... more

This is my last program on the above topic, due to the fact that there is no solution no where in sight, and as long as blaming one another the problem will never be solved. I have My opinions, and you have yours.

Tonight's program will talk about the many types of Black Deaths we are actually dying from, and all your so-called smartness, money, how well you perform sex, and how you are living on the social level won't save you. The number one... more

I am always receiving post replies and e-mails stating that I been generalizing, and I do feel that if the shoe fits wear it. It seems to me that many Blacks here on Blog Talk,and Black Talk do avoid dealing with our everyday struggles in our... more