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The Peoples America

The Peoples America


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The People's America!! Together We Stand Building Stronger American Communities Through Communication and Tolerance.

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Should America be raising the minimum wage? President Obama on February 12 2014 raised the minimum wage for Federal contractors to $10.10 Labor Secretary Thomas Perez told reporters that the executive order, which will go into effect... more

The Supreme Court of the United States closes for 2014 Supreme Court limits police searches of cellphones President Barack Obama acted illegally when he made recess appointments to a key government agency, a decision that appears... more

As the ISIS march to Bagdad what does it mean for America? Iran work together in Iraq? Didn't we try this with Iran in the Iran–Contra affair? How well did this work out for us? Should we let Iran handle this all on their own? St.... more

Champions of Freedom Tonight we meet Peter Erbele, founder of Champion of Freedom. Peter believes in helping the disabled men and women that help protect and serve our country. His mission is to provide a second chance to... more

With the flow of estimated 90k children flowing to the American border what is the humanitarian thing to do? I would encourage the people of America to look at what our choices are before we decide to house them or toss them back to the... more

With Eric Cantor loosing the Va primary is that a clear meesage that the tea party is taking over? Homesteading The new mini homes and the cost effectiveness.

Another school shooting today! 2 dead 1 injured. Our prayer go out the the families and students. Congress votes today on the raising of liability insurance for commercial motor vehicles. The full House voted 214-212 on the amendment... more

This is national crackdown week on our trucking buddies across America. The output index rose from 58.2 to 59.6, making May best month since 2011 but is it enough? The output index rose from 58.2 to 59.6, making May

Is the USA still the United states of America? Not just looking at Politics but the unity of Family Structure, Politics, Religion, Marriage and many other aspects of every day life. SCOTUS rules on capital punishment in Florida. Is Americas food... more

Why has the people not voted?