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Check out our eBay store. Every purchase helps provide rescue animals with food, shelter, and health care. Call in: we want to hear from YOU! We are putting our pawz down against abuse but we also teach natural health care for your pet. There's something for everyone. NOTE: To those prank callers ~ we write down ALL phone numbers/Skype IDs that appear on our switchboard BEFORE you are brought on air. We WILL turn this information over to the police and press charges. Consider yourselves warned!!!! See you in Cyberspace. Pawz Up!

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1 year ago, Facebook exploded with a story we also brought to you about Star, a pit bull shot by NYPD while she was protecting her companion as he had a seizure. A year later, Star, who was shot at close range in her head, is living life... more

Another innocent victim of a Police Shooting! Donations can be mailed to: S.N.A.R.R. - Special Needs Animal Rescue and... more

His name was changed from "Morgan" to "Sammy" after it was discovered that the motorist whom claimed to have found him was actually the one who legidly abused him, Keith Morgan age 55.... more

Sorry to inform everyone that our precious Herbie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 1, 2013 at 2pm. R.I.P. sweet boy. you are with the angels now. Donations can be mailed to : The Wood Foundation - A non-profit organization... more

On FaceBook today, our sponsor, Maria Daines (, cross-posted a story... more

We are excited to welcome author, Gwen Cooper, and her cat, Homer, to the show. We will be discussing Gwen's new book, Love Saves the Day (available on We will also be chatting about Homer. Introducing my new... more

This heartbreaking story of Amber has a very happy ending with a new home for her and her attacker being charged with animal cruelty. Please help stop these type of attacks by reporting suspected animal abuse/neglect to the... more

Last month former Govenor Jesse Ventura exposed the vivisection community and blew the lid off of a conspiracy theory that rocked the USA. I am going to bring this story to you, the listeners, so we can take action to stop this evil in its... more

A homeless man is despirate to get his missing dog back in safe condition. What lowlife would steal a homeless man's dog, dog treats, and his money from his hat? Now it is up to us, the public, to find this dog and return her to the man... more

All who wish to make a donation for Herbie are encouraged to do so. Donations can be made via credit card by calling the below # or checks can be mailed to : The Wood Foundation - A non-profit organization that provides care for injured... more
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