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Anunnaki, Nibiru, Sumerian, Ancient Astronauts & Zecharia Sitchin w/ Erik Parker

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The Origins of the Bible and Advanced Knowledge of the Ancient Sumerians with our special guest (Erik Poltorak) a.k.a Erik Parker. Erik Poltorak, a Life Insurance Agent & Stock Broker in Los Angeles, is the webmaster for www.sitchin.com the official website of Zecharia Sitchin. He has been working with Zecharia since last century on his website and helping him run his seminars. Erik began studying the Bible in Hebrew from the earliest ages. In 1997 Erik began to read and hear Zecharia, and was lucky enough to go on several group trips with him. They traveled to England, Malta, Mexico and Italy together. Most recently Erik accompanied Zecharia to the Edgar Cayce Association in Virginia Beach where Zecharia lectured to a large audience. With other groups Erik has traveled to Egypt and Israel. Each trip included visiting and exploring ancient sites and structures. Erik’s main area of study is looking at the first occurrences of themes, stories and use of language found in the archeological record. And then comparing the oldest to the most recent in our historical record and see where the consistencies are. By looking at the original tablets, some dated thousands of years before the Bible, that were utilized to make up our borrowed stories. (CALL IN YOUR QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS)