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Dolphin hunting has begun again in Japan. The world is and has been outraged due to the massive slaughter of dolphin beings in Taiji, Japan. Is this a necessary cultural practice? Do humans truly benefit from dolphin meat? What benefits do marine parks gain? In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to animal communicator, Jon Soeder, best-selling author of True Tails, about his exciting work with marine life and how people can get involved. Stay tuned! Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at and enter the coupon code ?ORGVIEW? when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit's website.

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For the avid gardener, growing one variety of a particular herb, fruit or vegetable is never enough. It is always interesting to see the difference in plant growth, production and finally the taste of the fruit in your cherished recipe. Especially... more

Human beings will often make the assumption that because a creature is not soft, fluffy and conforms to what society dictates as being beautiful, that it is therefore offensive, ugly, is an enemy to mankind and therefore should be destroyed. Such... more

Percy Schmeiser is a canola farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada. He was the first farmer to win a law suit against Monsanto. This landmark case, which went before the Federal Court of Canada, has attracted international attention because... more

There has been a great concern from the beekeeping community and other environmental preservation advocates about the role that systemic insecticides are playing in agriculture. One in particular is the neonicotinoid,... more

What would happen if your car had no oil or the steering wheel had been removed or you had no more gas? Your car would not function properly and clearly, you would have problems driving. When it comes to nature, every plant,... more

Since biblical times, dates have been eaten not only as a delectable snack but also as a part of many religious feasts during the high holidays. They are highly nutritious, have a long shelf life due to the natural sugars and can grow year... more

What would you do if your dog suffered from an allergy or even worse, began scratching relentlessly from a rash until he or she drew blood? For pet lovers, it's a heart wrenching experience to watch your dog suffer. Even the use of an... more

Recently, the USDA deregulated genetically engineered alfalfa. Although many organic advocates and activists are in an uproar, most of the general population still does not understand how or why this will affect them much less the... more

Backyard beekeeping can be very rewarding not only to avid gardeners but to anyone who wants to really connect with nature and experience a whole new world. People often think that beekeeping is just about producing honey but it is... more

Spex CertiPrep ( recently published part 1 and part 2 of their test results about heavy metals found in pet foods. Susan Thixton, Founder of has been trying to find the answers as to how... more
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