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It is amazing how many people get cancer and simply succumb to the disease. For Fred Ho, he decided to take a different approach and choose to live his life and demonstrate to others that there is life during chemo. He teaches us that... more

Throughout October,industry leaders, educators and activists have combined efforts to further enlighten the public advocating mandatory GMO labeling. While the big agro-chemical companies continue to spread propaganda insisting that... more

Thanks to smart phones and computers, with just a few simple clicks, information is easily accessible to consumers providing easy access to every resource available. However, this is not the case when it comes to our food. When you... more

As we rapidly run out of precious fossil fuels, there is a huge demand to explore other options as quickly as possible, especially due to the increasing cost of energy. There is a highly controversial debate about a process called... more

In the Northeast, there is an area that extends throughout much of the Appalachian Basin called The Marcellus Shale. This area would appear to offer the perfect resource to produce more gas and according to the gas... more

Parents love to talk about their kids but when it comes to certain subjects, such as autism, many parents choose not to be so vocal because of the mindless criticism or negative comments others will make. For Kim Stagliano, talking... more

The most popular breakfast juice in America is of course, organic orange juice. Packed with Vitamin C, it is a healthy choice no matter what time of day you drink it. However, when it comes to the actual process of how organic orange juice... more

As the already intense pressure increases for America to cut the umbilical cord from the Middle East, gas companies are desperately trying to find alternatives in our own back yard. With such slogans as ?drill, baby, drill!? the public seems... more

The best way to get people to understand something is to educate them. When it comes to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) there are many people who are tired of the corporate manipulation of the quality and purity of our food... more

Percy Schmeiser is well known activist that has been fighting hard to educate the public about GMO's and the issues that arise for farmers. He was the first farmer to win a law suit against Monsanto. The landmark case, which went before... more
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