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The Organic View Radio Show has been producing top quality educational content for over a decade. Founded in 2007, it is the first educational podcast of its kind and has featured a “who’s who” list of guests from various industries. Some of the special series we produce include The NLP View, The Neonicotinoid View, Clean Energy View, The Sober View and The Rosarian's View. Please visit www.theorganicview.com for more information. The show has been a platform for discussing important issues such as animal rights, bee health issues, renewable energy, health, wellness and horticulture. The Organic View Radio Show has a global audience of over 3 million listeners! The internet-based talk radio show, which launched ten years ago in 2007, was the first to advocate key issues pertaining to environment, wellness, sustainability and animal rights. Every episode will be posted in our On-Demand Audio section of our website and we’d love it if you would subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and/or check us out on the various social media platforms (that’s how we’ll know you’re listening!). If you want to get in contact with us, please do so at questions(@)theorganicview.com. ©2018 The Organic View Radio Show. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by the The Organic View Radio Show. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. The identifier "The Organic View" refers collectively to The Organic View Radio Show, TheOrganicView.com and The Organic View Network.General inquiries should be directed to our Web feedback box, info(@)theorganicview.com or from the contact form at the top of most pa

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Although industry would like the public to continue to believe that neonicotinoids are not a major environmental problem, they have now shown up in the Great Lakes region. In this segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and... more

It has been over a decade since the world learned about the global decline of our honey bees in the ground-breaking documentary, Vanishing of the Bees. It's director, Maryam Henein, is an investigative journalist, activist and entrepreneur... more

Are the small steps we are taking to protect bees and other pollinators enough? How much science will it take to prove toxicity before neonicotinoids are removed from the market? Due to the mobility of these chemicals in ground water,... more

In this week's segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald talk to VT beekeeper, author and bee health advocate, Ross Conrad, about research from the University of Guelph which claims that IF... more

Are GMO Pesticides Supertoxins? Most educated consumers are opting to buy non-gmo products because of concerns about how gmo's impact their health. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Dr.... more

Summer is over and now that the cold weather has arrived there is still much to do regarding your roses. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to award winning Consulting Rosarian, Susan Fox, founder of... more

In this week's segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and Tom Theobald talk about why neonicotinoids appear to be a key subject for the legal system. In Europe, Maize farmers are having a heated debated on the use... more

In this week's segment of The Neonicotinoid View, host June Stoyer and Tom Theobald talk about The controversy with habitat improvement, why American NGO's need to take a firmer position, the impact of Dicamba drift on mid-west... more

Is there better chance of success at banning neonicotinoids at the state level than at the federal? Although there have been many diligent efforts by NGO's, environmental groups, beekeepers and bee health advocates to ban... more

One of the most respected champions of environmental issues, human rights and wildlife is New Jersey Senator Raymond Lesniak. He has a reputation for not backing down and fighting for the rights of those who cannot speak for... more
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