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Free your mind of toxic beliefs and limitations. Learn to grow healthy thoughts, beliefs and increased Emotional Intelligence. De-weed & reclaim happiness.

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Do you struggle with boundaries? Do you find yourself beating around the bush, or not being direct with people about your boundaries? Do you sometimes attempt to set boundaries but it comes across as angry or negative to the other... more

Do you wish you were somewhere else in your life? Like you should be further or better than you currently are? Do you sometimes find yourself just going through the motions in life? Staying in the present moment can sometimes be... more

As we approach the end of another year, it is important to reflect and take note of how things have worked for you this year. Did you accomplish everything you set out to do this year? Were there goals or achievements that fell by the wayside... more

How do I connect to my passion? How do I find my true passion? What is my purpose? Am I on the right track? How can I achieve balance in my life? If these questions are on your mind, join us for another inspirational episode of The... more

When you need advice, it seems like everyone has some and they are eager to let you know. But whose advice should you listen to? It's important to be discerning when making decisions and taking advice from others. Tune in to... more

Most people want to forgive others. But many times forgiveness is much easier said than done. It takes a clear understanding of what forgiveness actually is and is NOT, and tools to choose and move into forgiveness. Join Bonnie Kelly... more

So you're happy right now....that's great, but don't you want to stay happy? Can it stay for longer than a moment or a day? Bonnie Kelly and guest host Jana Dudley, Emotion Release Practitioner, share with you ways you can keep that... more

Everyone reacts and responds differently to situations. But did you know you can actually CHOOSE how you react, rather than just reacting? It's the difference between being inteactive with life, or simply reacting to every situation out of... more

This is Emotional Intelligence 101. Join Bonnie Kelly and special guest Jana Dudley, Emotional Release Practitioner, as they discuss the importance of getting in touch with your own emotions. The more self aware,... more

Bad news is inevitable. Everyone will face some news at some point that is not what they want to hear. The question is, how do YOU handle it when bad news strikes? Does your mind go wild with imagining how things will get even worse?... more