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Horror Author Frank Bittenger with Angels of the Morning Light.

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The Odd Mind

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What happens to you when you die? Is there anything after life, or is death truly the end? Do your loved ones meet you to help you cross into the next realm or is it something more sinister that greets you when you leave life behind? Haunted by the memory of his mother’s death, Micah Graves has made it his mission in life to find the answers to his questions. For most of his childhood, he watched the mother he loved waste away, the victim of insidious cancer. He remembers the agony she suffered on a daily basis--agony the prescribed painkillers couldn’t even dull. But what he remembers even more vividly is the smile that graced her face, as if all pain ceased, in her final moments; she smiled at someone or something he couldn’t see. Searching from one funeral to thousands, what he discovers is there is much more to this life and the afterlife than he’d ever imagined. About the Author: Over the centuries, Frank Bittinger has experienced many lives. In this incarnation, Mr. Bittinger lives and writes in Western Maryland , sharing his home with a menagerie of pets, several alternate personalities, and the occasional ghost. He enjoys working as a cosmetologist in Cumberland and can be emailed at lairofthescarabae@hotmail.com . Since he is eccentric, he has been known to be interested in books, frogs, and Christmas trees, amassing large collections of each—sometimes combining his interests, like the Christmas tree decorated entirely with frog ornaments and stuffed animals. And he also collects books on Dianetics and Scientology. Ancient Egypt holds a fascination for him; he has a scarab beetle tattoo between his shoulder blades as well as a collection of Egyptian items in his bedroom and a somewhat large collection of books on Egypt. He enjoys creating stories for his fans to read, saying, “I am a writer, a novelist. I write in the Gothic horror tradition: dark and mood