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We will talk with activist Nick Bernabe who heads up the Anti Media about the No War With Syria rallies that he was instrumental in organizing. The news of the day is mainly Syria and World War 3, we'll also discuss the crumbling economy... more

Join Us! By Bazra Parsons and David Lopez Bazra Parsons and David Lopez discuss the bizarre world of middle eastern politics in light of the recent increase in the sound of imperial war drums... more

08/30/2013 - When was the last time you had to exercise your mind beyond the limited scope of normality? Have you ever tried to comprehend a conspiracy against mankind or process a belief that goes against the curriculum that was... more

Sunday, 7:00PM EST/4:00PM PST. U.S. Naval forces are taking strategic positions in preparation for an attack against the Syrian regime while President Obama and other U.S. officials are ?weighing their options? on whether or not... more

08/23/2013 The true nature of UFOs and the alien agenda - evaluating the evidence. Reality and the supernatural... Is reality but a persistent illusion? Do we exist within a virtual environment, like some kind of computer game? We can no... more

08/22/2013 - Today's show will be on the oppression of free energy dating back to Nicola Tesla, an update on Ben Fellows and the situation in England, Ormus and the energy alchemy can unleash, and a second look at the scandle that... more

08/20/2013 - Today's show will be on The attack on whistle blowing journalism, the abuse of DNA information, and the beginnings of killing American citizens without due process. Hosts Karece and Kimberly Join us on facebook at... more

Sunday, 7:00PM EST/4:00PM PST, join us for a very special edition of the Info Trap as we discuss Egypt's brutal crackdown on supporters of the Egyptian Brotherhood, the future of Syria and the crippling impact that U.S. sanctions... more

This week, David Lopez enjoys a good bank bashing session and bashes them ruthlessly, like they deserve, while hopefully adding value to the wider discussion of the unrelentingly destructive force of banking and finance. Also a shout out... more

08/15/2013 - Join Adam and Hannah for a discussion about Boys Town America. During the Reagan Bush administration, Boys Town America was a pedo banquet linked to Senate and House members--and also former President George H. W.... more