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At 9:02 AM CST on the morning of April the 19th 1995, a Yellow rental truck from the Ryder company, 5th St in Oklahoma City, packed with just under 3 tons of ammonium nitrate diesel explosive mix exploded blasting the north face of the... more

Iraq War 3.0 received a vital update today as U.S. forces carried out additional airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Australian PM Tony Abbott announced the deployment of 600 Australian soldiers to assist in destroying the... more

On this episode of Illuminati Exposed Radio we will be talking about the assault on the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco Texas leading to the deaths of the followers of David Koresh at the hands of the ATF and FBI. Following on this... more

Illuminati Exposed Radio - Episode 6 - 9/11 Revisted on the 13th Anniversary On the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, hosts Matthew Letter and Kimberly Clausen will take a look at the inconsistancies of the official account of... more

09/10/2014 Live 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST. Open phone lines, call ins encouraged. 917-889-7855 (US & Canada). Outside US/Canada call in using Skype. Join Matthew and Kimberly as we take a look at current headlines -... more

09/08/2014 Live Braodcast 4pm PST/7pm EST - Call-ins encouraged. (917) 889-7855 (US & Canada) Outside calling area use Skype. Join hosts Matthew and Kimberly for a discussion about current events taking place in Ukraine. Also on... more

Today's topic is Fiat money. History of Money Use of Fiat currencies Creation of the Federal Reserve Inflation

Hosts - We Are Change/Miami Florida Chapter co-founder Matthew Letter and Illuminati Exposed Manager & Director of Operations Kimberly Clausen talk about experiences with grassroots efforts in the early days of We Are Change, as well... more

05/09/2014 - Join hosts Adam and Kimberly. Today's topics include a history on weather modification and manipulation, and facts about CO2, a history of Earth's climate, and present day hypothisis of global warming. Also included is a... more

What if, rather than dangerous and largely ineffective treatments for skin and breast cancer like surgery and radiation therapy, there was a cheap and effective topical herbal remedy available? If such a thing existed, why would government... more