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The Non-Prophets

The Non-Prophets


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The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show focusing on news from an atheist perspective airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central

On-Demand Episodes

Things that were bad and are now... less bad! Mike Huckabee; Email: Relationship question... as if we knew; US Supreme Court blocks key parts of Texas abortion laws; Email: Pat Robertson follower's teeth; Atheist awarded $2... more

Kenyan pastor wants his flock to drink gasoline; Jeff reads email he doesn't understand because he didn't listen to the last show; A Satanist sets us straight; UK: Bishop of Arundel resigns... we're not sure why; Pat Robertson; Nigerian... more

Texas State Board of Education on Social Studies textbooks; Pat Robertson: Why won't he just die?; Atheists and "awe"; Air Force Reenlistment Oath; Great new game from Brazil; Liberian Council of Churches: Ebola is God's punishment for... more

Denis' condescending intro; Jeff at CelestiCon; Germany: More people leaving both Catholic and Protestant churches; Victor Stenger 1935-2014; Email: "You guys rock!"; British Humanist Association sued by "witch hunter"; More email:... more

Denis' Poisonous Intro; Muslim checkout guy & reasonable accomodation; Pope Francis discourages cell phones, internet; China opens dialogue with Vatican but warns "Don't fuck with us!" Related: Chinese gvt. creates its own state-approved... more

Atheist TV in the UK; Church of the SubGenius; nudity on GOT; Ken Ham on Atheist TV; Sarah Palin's "news" channel; accomodating religious employees; Jesus can't drive; Alabama abortion law struck down; Hobby Lobby and the... more

Naomi did NOT eat Russell!; atheism and mental illness; IN court allows humanist weddings; abortifacient and antichoice numb-nuts; Urban Outfitters upsets Hindus; our theme song (hint: it's not literal); "Positive Atheism"; Muslim cashier in UK... more

Sorry, we weren't listening.

Did You Miss Us? (Regarding the June 4th Show); Texas Republicans & Sneeches; Mailbag: Snake Handler Update!; Women in Secularism Conference-Leaving Islam for Atheism; Jeff on Being Outed; The Matt/Sye... more

Special guest Naomi, Russell's Speaking Engagement, Dinesh D'Sousa pleads guilty, Mailbag: Debating a friend of a friend about morality, Euthyphro Dilemma, A Better Life: the Film - by Chris Johnson, Pope Francis and Aliens, Circumcision,... more