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The Non-Prophets

The Non-Prophets


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The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show focusing on news from an atheist perspective airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central

On-Demand Episodes

Ben Carson, Brain surgeon and Egyptologist; Mail: Listener is still buying the Pope Francis' PR; Chic Fil'A; Mail: Why not buy churches and turn them into schools?; Trailer for 'God's Not Dead II'; Mail: Satanist email follow-up; Sidenote... more

Denis' Paleo Intro; Happy 'Back To the Future' Day! Solar panels - Lighting the Eiffle Tower from you own living room; A Non Prophets Milestone: Our first hate mail from Satanists!; Maine Gov. appoints creationist to state education... more

Denis' (latest) post-apocalypse intro; Mailbag: Listener "disproves" Christianity with "algebra"; The Pope and Kim Davis; Oklahoma to finally remove 10 Commandments from Capitol; Scottish politicians creep a little closer to rational... more

Jeff's absence (and his pet peeve about misheard lyrics); Tracie Harris to speak at Manitoba Reason Fest; Satanists muddying the water; Email from Austin (of all places!); 2015 Bat Cruise coming up; Email: Games, games, games; 14 year-old... more

Denis' Plain White intro; Sitting in for Jeff, the Incomparable and Ever Beloved Tracie Harris!!!; Upcoming Appearances; Austin Pride Festival; Kentucky Clerk Standoff; Email: "Consecrated Virgin" teacher; Pope "shakes up the Catholic... more

Denis' "Save the Atheist Hosts for Pennies a Day" intro; Jeff's "Hide the Bible" game; Mailbag: Debating Theists, playing "devil's advocate"; Russell discusses tweets from some loony named Justin; Judge orders man to marry girlfriend... more

Denis' Presidential Debate Intro; Studio Changes & what we've all been up to; Russell finally watches 'God's Not Dead'; More email from Jonas on consetual sex with cows; 7yo boy made to sit alone for saying he didn't believe in... more

Denis' Snape Intro; Week 3 of marriage equality, no sign of societal collapse; Texas (Did you have to ask?) Judge will perform same-sex marriage IF they acknowledge his oblection; Mailbag: Informed consent and the "Argument from... more

Denis' rejection letter intro; Celebrating Marriage Equality; Mail: Nitpicking Noah's Ark (he only had two nits); Charleston. SC Church shooting; Revisiting the Chronicles of Narnia (and somehow ending up discussing Batman); Battle over... more

Denis' crackly microphone intro; Louisiana schools are teaching (Surprise!) Creationism; Mailbag: Moderate Believers; Australian couple threatens that if Same Sex Marriage becomes law they will make themselves look like... more