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The Non-Prophets

The Non-Prophets


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The Non Prophets is a live internet radio show focusing on news from an atheist perspective airing on the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 7:30 PM Central

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* Atheism statistics - atheism is going up, esp. among teens (double the increase of adults), Christianity waningrn* Christians are the biggest hypocrites/jerksrn* Ignoring/forgetting the history of arguments about religion, esp. refutationsrn*... more

Movies: "Downsizing", "Coco", & "Jumanji" * Hemant Mehta on a 10 Commandments statue at a Texas mall.* Daniel Staats, spokesman for Georgia Secretary of State accused of sexual assault and practicing counseling without a... more

* Cow vigilantes in India, Hindus murdering Muslims for eating cow meat * War on Christmas? Shut up and do what you want. * Okay for Atheists to participate in religious pageants/plays? * Spotlight (movie). Cardinal Bernard Law died this... more

Listener mail: Does hating faith healers make me a bad person? Roy Moore: Project Veritas (James O'Keefe) failed attempt to dupe Washington Post with fake Roy Moore accusation, Church sign "They falsely accused Jesus! Vote Roy... more

More Roy Moore, Australian vote on Marriage Equality, back to Roy Moore, Cow Vigilantes, double-back to more Moore arguments, flat earth convention in North Carolina, does gawd change the past in reaction to prayers?, detour back to... more

Welcome to our rootin' tootin' after Halloween show. Rudy gives bad advice on Stranger Things and unrealistic aspects of the show. Kim Davis court fees. Who should pay? News: Scott Pruit quotes the Bible and asks scientists to advise... more

We are not having a show. Or are we? Twitter to go to 80 characters. Should we do a war on Christmas episode? Viewer mail The game "Populous". Balance the science on Star Trek with religion and balance the star ships with monster... more

Denis reading your rights intro, Binky Strikes again, Listener Mail, the Reserve Chaplin, In the news, students must stand during the National Anthem, call from Pat Roberson, Russian Bible, Roy Moore, Saturn is Roman version of... more

Enjoy a show.Theism in role playing.How does magic work in DnD? The gods have stats??? Fox News posts Christian Numerology nonsense. Jeff sleeps during reading of Bible verse. What if the planet hits our flat earth? 5 college football... more

Rained kinda hard. We are fine in Austin, but Houston could use your help. Contribute to Hurricane Harvey relief through Foundation Beyond Belief. Joel Olstean tells others to not have a "poor me" attitude. Low religious interest in... more