Provocative Conversations with Arin

Provocative Conversations with Arin


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In light of Senator Don Young's controversial verbal slip-up, Arin and Jess discuss the total implications of those political gaffs, the subsequent apologies and why they're way more important than we might realize.

We've been itching to discuss Marissa Mayer's controversial decision to bring all of Yahoo's employees into the office! This week Arin and I sit down and tackle Best Buy, results only work environments, company culture, impactful... more

Arin discusses a generational career trend: slash careers. Taking a look at opportunities, generational differences and worklife balance, Arin and Jess take a look at the opportunities, benefits, complications and practical factors... more

Arin and Jess discuss the problems at the root of corporate women's initiatives and the institutional shifts necessary to move their efforts forward. Check out Arin's recent article on the topic for more information.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard the extensive coverage of both Beyonce's Superbowl halftime show and Seth MacFarlane's controversial address of women at the 2013 Oscars. While these are very different programs,... more

This week, Arin Reeves and Jessica Shoemaker sit down to talk sports metaphors, implicit biases and the ways in which our successes and failures build upon themselves.

Arin and Jess sit down to discuss the connections between workplace environment, your satisfaction, productivity and happiness at work by exploring what can be done in your workspace to increase energy, both personal and... more

Dr. Arin N Reeves invites Cassandra Gaddo, the managing director of Step Up Women's Network and Jessica Shoemaker to discuss the controversy surrounding Sheryl Sandberg's new book "Lean In" due out in March. Sandberg is the much... more

Last week we sat down and had a conversation with several members of Generation Y. Since Baby Boomers have the unique perspective of both parenting Gen Y at home and leading Millenials in the workforce, this week we sat down... more

This week Arin sits down with several members of Generation Y to discuss their experience in the workforce, both positive and negative, what they're looking for in their jobs, their workplaces and their careers. Join us as we explore the myths... more