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Trivialization of the NewsJust concluded the second installment of our fledgling news talk show, "Trivialization of the News," and feeling very encouraged on several fronts.

In addition to a riveting half hour discussion of news topics from around the world, co-host RafiT and I are starting to develop a nice ying-yang-esque repartee. I feed him news topics and he spouts opinions off the top of his head. Nothing revolutionary there, but oh so very zany.

The way RafiT reflects on and dissects our topics gives the show an unusual brand of humor not easily replicated in a news talk format. Honestly, I never know what will come out of his mouth next. We try very hard not to be too rehearsed on these topics because, in my mind, the only thing separating this show and, say, other news talk shows with respectable followings, is our spontaneity. RafiT has been living up to and in some cases exceeding my expectations in this regard, which makes me feel pretty, preh-tty good overall.

Yes. We will forge ahead.

Today's topics varied considerably and included 1) Condoms for 1st graders in Provincetown, MA, 2) Couple trying to sell 6-month old baby for $25 outside WalMart, 3) General McChrystal resignation, 4) More animal abuse in Baltimore City, 5) Baltimore City Council passes bottle tax, 6) Marilyn Monroe chest and pelvis x-rays sell for outrageous amount, 7) Amanda Bynes quits acting, and 8) Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston triangle once again rears its ugly head. Our surprise guest was Whitey from "Eight Crazy Nights." Whitey did so well in his segment on the WalMart baby, we decided to invite him back for a future installment.

I also like that we've developed a loose format for the show, starting off with our very ridiculous theme song (played on guitar by yours truly) and quickly segueing into a brief introduction. The show continues with a recap of odd news, Baltimore news, national news, our "Who Said It?" contest, and finally, celebrity news. That's a lot packed into just half an hour, but so far we've managed to do it with amazing success. Only problem is, we still don't have anyone calling in or utilizing live chat for our "Who Said It?" contest, leading me to believe either our quotes are too hard or we just don't have enough listeners.

Which brings me to the last encouraging front. Today, for the first time, a guest joined us on live chat. Now I have no idea who this person is because they signed in anonymously, but the fact remains that someone was indeed listening to our show during the broadcast because that's generally the only way to access the live chat.


Okay, so it's no big whoop, I know. Still, I am very encouraged by these developments. With the basics of a viable broadcast now firmly in place, I'm imagining it might be worth it to grow our audience by spending more time actually publicizing the show.

Be still my heart.

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